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Eradiate Summer News

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A few months ago, we announced the Eradiate Workshop 2019. This post will go deeper into detail about it, in addition to providing an update on Eradiate’s development status.

Development status #

Eradiate’s development left Phase 0 (pre-design) and entered Phase 1 (core development) in May 2019. On May 1st, Rayference started working on a Copernicus-funded ESA project, during which the core infrastructure will be developed. This project will finish by Dec 31st 2021, and at this stage, a fully functional version of the model will be available to the public and open to contribution from community members.

Eradiate’s development phases

The first subphase of Phase 1 consists in selecting models and numerical methods, producing a detailed design for the code and establishing a detailed roadmap prioritising the most important features. Actual code development will start on Jan 1st 2020.

Two developers joined the Eradiate development team, which is now composed of three full-time developers, each providing specialised expertise on the scientific, architectural and quality assurance aspects of software development.

Eradiate Workshop 2019: Provisional agenda #

As previously announced, the Eradiate Workshop 2019 we be held at the JRC facilities in Ispra on Nov 26th-27th 2019. This edition of the Workshop will focus on how we can bring the community together to contribute to the project. This implies that we need to identify how community members want to contribute — by developing, testing, documenting or fixing the code, helping other users, etc. This also requires us to think about how the community should be organised, i.e. how we will communicate, how governance will be established and in which direction we can steer development to meet users’ needs. EWS 2019 will be a place to try and cover as many of these topics as possible.

In addition, we will have the privilege of receiving input from members of the computer graphics community, who will share their experience of software development in an active community. This will be a good opportunity to discover the similarities and differences between the problems we address.

A more detailed announcement note and a provisional agenda are available here. Registration will open on Aug 1st 2019.

What is next? #

We are now actively working on the review and selection of numerical methods and models. A detailed development roadmap will quickly follow during Fall 2019. A first stable release of design documents is expected by the end of this year. More news will come in this Winter’s newsletter. Stay tuned!