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RAMI Workshop Announcement

·2 mins

The Joint Research Centre will organise this year a workshop dedicated to the Radiative transfer model intercomparison initiative (RAMI). RAMI offers a long-lasting benchmarking framework for radiative transfer models in the field of remote sensing and is a major component of the testing process of Eradiate.

The RAMI workshop will be held in the premises of the JRC in Ispra on June 7th-9th 2023 and the Eradiate team will participate. We encourage all radiative transfer users and developers, scientists involved in Cal/Val activities and spaces agencies to participate as well. Please refer to the workshop announcement for the list of topics and registration details.

In addition to its participation to the workshop, the Eradiate team will take this opportunity to organise a special session for interested users. We’ll keep you posted about the scope and agenda of this session.

Although our activity on this newsletter has been low over the past year, we have been working hard on consolidating Eradiate’s feature set, delivering new features and performing scientific work with this radiative transfer model. We are currently working on a major release. We rewrote around 50% of the codebase to get significant performance improvements that enable some previously inaccessible use cases. A full release newsletter will provide more detail about all the changes that have been made, stay tuned!

Wellington Citrus Orchard scene with an atmosphere

Wellington Citrus Orchard scene with an atmosphere
The Wellington Citrus Orchard scene, used in the RAMI benchmarking exercise, under the AFGL 1986 (U.S. Standard) atmosphere, and the corresponding top-of-atmosphere BRF.