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Recent presentations #

V. Leroy et al. (2023). Eradiate: An open-source radiative transfer model for the Earth observation community. Presented at the RAMI workshop on Radiative Transfer Modelling support to EO metrology and Cal/Val activities (Varese, 7-9th June 2023).
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Y. Nollet et al. (2023). Building an efficient gaseous absorption database for the Eradiate open-source 3D radiative transfer model. Presented at the GRASP ACE Summer School (Lille, 22-26th May 2023).

Y. Govaerts et al. (2023). Simulation of ground-based hyperspectral measurements with Eradiate. Presented at the HYPERNETS Science Conference on optical radiometry & satellite validation (Tervuren, 21-23th March 2023).
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Y. Govaerts et al. (2023). Fiducial reference measurement protocol for surface reflectance validation based on artificial targets. Presented at the IDEAS-QA4EO Cal/Val Workshop#4 (Potsdam, 28 February-2 March 2023).
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Y. Govaerts et al. (2022). Analysis of the impact of water vapour on Sentinel-2 MSI bands 8 and 8a TOA reflectance. Presented at the Sentinel-2 Quality Working Group 14 (Frascati, 5-6 December 2022).
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Relevant publications #

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Y. Govaerts, Y. Nollet and V. Leroy (2022). Radiative Transfer Model Comparison with Satellite Observations over CEOS Calibration Site Libya-4. In Atmosphere 13 (11).
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Technical reports #

Document Title Issue Release Date
  Assessment of S3A/SLSTR Calibration Over Libya-4 2.3 2019-10-07

Workshop resources #

Document Title Workshop Location Workshop Date
  Workshop 2023 — Presentations Varese, Italy 2023-06-07
  Workshop 2022 — Presentations Online 🌳 2022-03-29 → 30
  Workshop 2021 — Presentations Online 🦠 2021-01-26 → 27
  Workshop 2019 — Presentations JRC (Ispra, Italy) 2019-11-26 → 27
  Workshop 2018 — Presentations JRC (Ispra, Italy) 2018-04-23 → 24

Design documents #

Document Title Issue Release Date
  Scientific Handbook 7.0 2022-03-28
  Requirements 6.0 2022-03-18
  General Design 6.0 2022-03-18
  Detailed Design 6.0 2022-03-18
  User Requirements Analysis 1 2018-07-05