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Eradiate Fall News

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After two and a half years of work, Eradiate is now maturing and we are getting closer to our initial goals—creating a high-quality and flexible open source radiative transfer framework for the Earth observation community. Our next milestone will be early in December, where we will release a new beta version of our software package with support for atmospheric simulation and host a training session for interested users.

Development status #

As mentioned in the introduction, our work currently focuses on adding atmospheric simulation features. For that purpose, we added infrastructure to simulate atmospheric absorption using the correlated-k method, an interface to describe a one-dimensional atmosphere with absorbing and scattering gases and particles (aerosols and clouds) and underlying radiometric and post-processing components.

Significant design improvements have also been made and are currently worked on, both improving user experience and maintainability. These include a simplified high-level interface and a streamlined post-processing pipeline.

Training announcement #

Following our next milestone, we will organise an online training session for users on Tuesday December 7th 2021. During this session, we will introduce Eradiate’s atmospheric simulation features. Note that Eradiate will still be beta software at that date. Interested users are welcome to express their interest by sending an email to Please be aware that there will be a limited number of seats, to be assigned on a first-come, first-served principle.