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Eradiate Winter News

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Christmas is here and time is flying. The Eradiate development team will take a break from work for the Holiday season, but we have been very busy over this chaotic year and it is time for us to share with you some news about the project.

State of development #

The development has recently entered a new phase and our API is now reaching a more stable state. Our basic infrastructure is in place and we have started working on the implementation of features addressing some of the requested use-cases we collected during our user requirement assessment in 2018.

A lot of progress has been done on every aspect of the code: the architecture is maturing, the documentation framework is in place, and we are gradually expanding our test suite to make sure that the code remains maintainable. The integration of Mitsuba is now reliable and constructing scenes can be done with a user-friendly Python interface. The code is currently declared in beta stage and should stay there until early 2022.

Announcement: Eradiate Workshop 2021 #

You may wonder why we are not providing more detail about the current state of development; the reason is that we will have the Eradiate Workshop 2021 on January 26-27th 2021. Given the current situation with the covid-19 epidemic, the workshop will be hosted by ESA (ESRIN) on Webex. During this meeting, we will make a detailed development update and receive the feedback of early testers.

Registration is required. The registration process simply consists in sending an email to We will send a detailed agenda and connection details to registered attendees in January.

The Eradiate team sends you their best wishes for the Holidays, and for health and happiness throughout 2021.