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Eradiate Workshop 2023 Announcement

·2 mins

We are pleased to announce that we will hold an Eradiate workshop this year on June 7th 2023. We will take advantage of our participation to the RAMI Workshop organized by the JRC (Ispra establishment), with which we will combine our event.

Agenda Register RAMI Workshop 2023

What will the workshop cover? #

We have currently established a provisional agenda divided into 4 sessions:

  1. General introduction: Introduction to the background of Eradiate’s development and general project update.
  2. Technical updates: Presentation of available features and updates released since March 2022.
  3. Examples of applications: Showcase of work done using Eradiate.
  4. Discussion / user feedback: Open discussion.

The content of the discussion / user feedback is currently open, and we encourage participants interested in presenting work they do with Eradiate to reach out to us by email at—we will happily give you the floor.

How will this work? #

The Eradiate workshop will take place at the same venue as the RAMI workshop, UNAHOTELS Varese, on the morning of June 7th 2023. If you plan to participate in the RAMI workshop or can easily reach Varese, feel free to register and join us. Since our event duration is short, we will also provide a hybrid setup for participants who cannot join us physically.

How to register? #

To register for physical or remote participation, please email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Institution
  • Whether you intend to join us physically or participate remotely
  • Whether you would like to make a short presentation during the discussion session